We prefer Print Ready PDF Files

Art Submissions
    •    Any QE (Quick & Easy) product includes the typesetting of the imprint area(s) in one of our standard type faces. If not specified, Helvetica will be used.
    •    Include your logo at no extra cost - provide a clean copy or vector PDF.
    •    Base price includes first 2 proofs. $25 per proof thereafter.
    •    Any of our standard QE bodies may be altered to your specifications. Charges may apply unless artwork is provided.
    •    Files can be submitted in any of the following formats:
    •    InDesign  •  Illustrator  •  Acrobat

Submitting Files

For PDF files:

Make sure the PDF is high resolution (300dpi or more) or Vector based. If you supply us with a low resolution PDF the output results may not be what you want.

For Native files:

These types of files are Quark, InDesign, Illustrator and etc. When you send this type of file to us, you will need to supply all of the elements that go with that job; items such as fonts, images, and any artwork that may have been placed or used on your pages. If you are using Quark or InDesign, this process has been simplified by the manufacturer; all other programs will require that you collect these elements manually. This can be difficult when it comes to locating your fonts.
With Quark and InDesign you have a function within the program that will gather all of the elements, including your fonts and package them for sending to us. In Quark it is called “Collect for Output” and InDesign calls it “Package”.

Print File Submission Check List

This checklist represents many of the details (but not necessarily all of them) that are required (critical) for your file to print correctly. Until they are met, your file is likely not “Print-Ready”. If you are submitting files regularly, you may want to invest in a pre-flight program such as Pitstop. Failure to complete these items will mean that your file may not print correctly, or as intended. We can take no responsibility for files that do not have all this important criteria met. In most cases you should allow extra time for a hard-copy or PDF proof. Rushing the order inevitably leads to problems.    


Does the image or colour go to the edge of your page? If so you need an extra .0625" of that image or colour all the way around your document for cutting. More for wide format jobs (.25") ie.  3.5 x 2 = 3.625 x 2.125 (Note: keep text at text at least .1875 away from the finished edge.)


We need standard crop marks to know where to cut your work.


Create your work at the exact finished size of the job (plus bleed).


All fonts should be converted to outlines unless you want us to edit your file. If so, please supply the fonts as well.


Your document should be Pantone colours. Colours can vary when printed on different machines and how they are viewed on your monitor. If you are particular you should have Pantone colours selected.

Word/Publisher (MS Office) Files

Please convert your documents to PDF. There is a lot of formatting that can change between your computer and ours.

1 Up

Provide your file 1 up only. We will do any imposing necessary for printing and best economy.


This is an AI, EPS, or PDF usually with no bitmap images. It is necessary if we are enlarging your logo or placing it on a coloured background or image. One quick check is to enlarge your image to 400% on your monitor and see if it retains clarity

Standard Ink Colours on most products. (colours illustrated are not accurate)

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