General Information


All orders are acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt via fax or email.


All our cheques are printed on Defensa Design SG security paper at no extra charge.


To assist you in obtaining new orders and to lessen the burden of transitioning work to Factor Forms, we do not charge for standard composition on our QE & EZ forms. There is a minimal composition charge for complicated layouts such as medical forms and terms and conditions backers.

Credit Terms:

Our terms are net 30. An interest charge of 1.5% (18% annual) will be applied to all invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date.


We are a trade only company. We believe in the distributor model and feel it would be a conflict of interest to sell to an end user.


In general, all products ship in 5 days or less.

Distributor imprints:

We will print your imprint at no charge upon request.

F.O.B. Points:

Your destination if it is serviced by our preferred courier.


Our name doesn’t appear on the carton. Your name and logo will appear as the shipper on your box labels and packing slips in FULL COLOUR.


We will never over-run an order. If we have a mechanical problem we have the right to under-run an order to a maximum of 10%.

Price Quotes:

Quoted prices are valid for 30 days of the price quoted.


Proofs are sent within 2 business days or sooner.

Retention of order information:

Job dockets are stored for 3 years. Electronic information is stored for 5 years.


Secure climate controlled warehousing is available only in our Edmonton facility.


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