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What is Trade Only?

Trade Only means we only sell wholesale to our Dealers, not to the general public.

Does it matter whether I order from your West or East location?

Yes, it does. Go to Contact Us to confirm which location to order from.

How do I become a Dealer?

Go to Become a Dealer to learn how!

How do I send artwork?

Go to Upload a File and fill in the form.

How can I request a quote? How do I read my quote?

You can call 1-800-661-7243 (for West) or 1-800-933-0086 (for East), through our website here, email your Sales Representative or get your repeat quotes through Online Ordering. Watch our videos on “How to Read a Label Quote” here, and “How to Read a Business Forms Quote” here.

How do I read a docket confirmation?

You can watch our video on "How to Read a Docket Confirmation" here and "How to Read a Label Docket Confirmation" here.

How do I use to the Online Ordering (Web Portal), Bloodhound and Dick Tracey?

Go to Online Ordering and click the button featured on the page. You can watch our video on "How to Use Dick Tracey Factor Forms Online Ordering (Web Portal)" here. You can watch our video on "How to Use Bloodhound Factor Forms Online Ordering (Web Portal)" here.

Do you carry any materials to help grow my business?

Yes, we do! Go to Marketing Tools to download an order form or contact your Sales Consultant.  

How do I get set up with personalized, colour shipping labels on my boxes that you ship out?

Go to Shipping Labels to download an order form or contact your Sales Representative.  

Do I have to reply to confirmations?

No. It is for your own personal review of the order you placed. Just check it over to make sure it is what you want.

Can you ship directly to my customer? Do you blind ship? Will my customer know it came from Factor Forms & Labels?

We can drop ship to your customer and Factor Form & Labels' name will never appear anywhere on the boxes. With your personalized labels, it will look like it came directly from you. Your invoice and samples will be sent separately in the mail.

Is shipping extra?

Standard shipping anywhere on a Purolator route in Canada is included in your quote. Any additional shipping (eg. air or Greyhound) is an extra cost.

Do you set up the art for cheques, or should I send it to you?

Let us do it! 

When will I get my proof?

Within 48 hours of your order placement.

What is your rush charge?

No rush charge ever. If we can ship it sooner, we will!

Any other questions? Contact us!

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