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Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Judi, one of the sales reps here at Factor Forms & Labels. I work out of the Vancouver office. It is my turn to tell you a little bit about myself.

Judi Koster

My 30 plus years journey with Factor Forms & Labels started way back in the late 80’s when I moved to Edmonton with my husband. I have an accounting background and after a series of retail jobs, I was hired to be an Invoicing Clerk for Factor Forms. The venerable Laverne Francioli felt I was over qualified for the position, but gave me a shot anyway (thank you Laverne). I quickly moved up to Accounts Receivable, however 16 months later hubby and I decided to move back to BC. As luck would have it the Vancouver branch was looking for someone to fill an Inside Sales position and at that point my branch hopping began!

Six years in Vancouver with a move from Inside to Outside Sales led me back to Edmonton for a seven year stint. Then once again when the opportunity arose to move to Winnipeg as Branch Manager came up, I jumped at it. Yep, Winnipeg - and I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything. In 2009 the Winnipeg branch downsized and at the same time the Vancouver Branch had an opening for a Manager. "Yes please" and "when do I move?" were the first things out of my mouth when that transfer was offered. I have been here ever since! This branch has recently changed from a three women show to a one woman show with two ladies heading to island life in Victoria. I am now the remaining one left here (is it me or ???). I remain in Vancouver and intend to finish my journey here.

Along the way I have met many great people, made wonderful friends, gained a daughter in law and the world’s greatest grandson. My one and only grandson Cam is 11 now and his drive by birthday in March was fun but a bit sad. We did sneak in a side hug and I cannot wait to spend REAL time with him soon. In the meantime, my partner Kevin has 4 grandkids and they are in my bubble which helps give me the kiddo fix I need. For the time being, my downtime is filled with swimming laps, camping, golfing, wine tours, hanging with friends & family and of course spoiling the grandkids.

- Judi Koster

The light of Judi's life - Cam
Judi and Kevin at the Burrowing Owl Winery in BC.

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