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Let me Introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Kali and I am one of the Sales Reps here at Factor Forms & Labels.

Kali Jodoin

I began working at Factor Forms & Labels three years ago. I started out as an Order Writer and Receptionist with zero experience in the print industry. I moved into a Customer Support role and then from there, I transitioned into Sales and I haven't looked back once :) My favourite part about my new role is getting to know all of our wonderful Dealers, learning new things about this industry every single day and finding solutions to challenging scenarios.

When I am not at the office, you will find me either at home with my kiddos, in my garden or hiking. My happy place is in nature and preferably on horseback. I also love going to movies, but since Covid I feel like I could give that hobby up for a while. I may just trade movie nights in for a microphone at a karaoke bar or I will dust off my snowboard this winter! Other hobbies on my list include; learning to play the guitar and piano, sewing and crafting, woodworking and building and the list goes on...

A fun fact about me is that I am well rounded in a variety of industries. I am a certified esthetician, I have done demolitian/asbestos removal, I worked in oil rig accessory manufacturing, I have bartended/served in restaurants, I have also dabbled in party planning. I love learning new things, so the print industry is perfect for me because it is constantly evolving.

I love to travel and have an extensive list of places I would like to visit. At the top of the list are Italy and France, because these countries are a part of my heritage. Other places that interest me are Australia, Philippines, Brazil and Japan.

My favourite quote is, "Practice makes improvement".

- Kali

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