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Meet Victoria's newest Sales Rep

Elaine Roker - At your service!

Elaine has been a long term employee at Factor Forms & Labels and has recently made the leap from Customer Support/Order Writer in the Richmond office to take over the Sales Rep duties in Victoria. The last few months have been spent learning the ropes from Darlene Chase, who retired at the end of March.

Elaine is a perfect fit for this new adventure. She already has connections with many of our Dealers from years of working in the Sales Department. She admits that the, "time was right for a change" and this new opportunity provided the challenge she was waiting for! She and her husband have always wanted to live in Victoria, so she is thrilled about the move. Armed with her vast experience and knowledge, she is eager to provide you with everything you need to satisfy your Customers.

Give her a call and she will be happy to assist you with all of your printing needs!

Q & A

1. How are you adjusting to life in Victoria?


2. How long have you worked at Factor Forms & Labels?

26 years

3. What is your favourite 80's jam?

KC and the Sunshine Band

4. What inspires you?

Acts of kindness

5. Do you prefer cats or dogs?


6. What new experiences have you had in Victoria that you have never had before?

Friendly rush hour traffic (yes, there is such a thing!)

7. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?


8. What three things describe you best?

Outgoing, Sports Fanatic, Animal Lover

9. You are hosting a dinner and must invite 2 famous people. Who would you choose to invite and why?

Anderson Cooper - so many different stories of life in general and happenings around the world.

Sam Elliott - because he's Sam Elliott :)

10. Camping or a spa day?


We are all wishing Elaine the best and are confident that our Dealers are in exceptional hands.

...That's a FACT JACK!

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