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Welcome Michael

Introducing the newest Sales Rep at Factor Forms & Labels!

Michael Cline-Fremont

My name is Michael and I am the newest member of the Sales Team here at Factor Forms & Labels. I’m so new that I just barely made the 2021 cut, by starting at the end of November. I’m joining the team with about 14 years of print production experience. My first task in the industry was cutting the wire for desk calendars. I then gained experience in the bindery department and on various production machines. From there I became a Customer Service Rep, took on a management role and eventually ended up in Sales.

During the past 2 ½ years I stepped away from print to assist a hometown craft brewery grow their brand and it certainly did grow! However, due to the past two years of worldly chaos, I needed something that made me feel more stable. I chose to return to the industry I know and jumped at the opportunity to join the Factor team.

So far, I have learned that Factor is more of a family than a anything else. The employees here are fun, energetic, positive, hardworking and welcoming to a new recruit like me. I’m looking forward to growing relationships with the team here and bringing some of my high energy and (at times) wild energy to the mix.

Sturgeon River - St. Albert, Alberta

In my spare time I love spending as much time as possible outdoors. My wife and I are avid campers, golfers and hikers. Some like to say we are high energy people that are always on the go, but we do enjoy down time relaxing by a backyard fire all year round as well! Another thing about me that I must point out is that I love everything about food. I like cooking it, eating it and LOTS of HEAT!

Michael and Amanda

One of my other passions is helping find the solutions to challenges. I live by the saying, "I will until I said I would!”. In other words, I’m not going to quit on me and I will not quit on you.



1. Free lunch or free dessert?

Free lunch, all day every day!

2. Messy desk or clean desk?

I think there is a happy medium to this question.

3. Education or experience?

Experience, I believe the purpose to life is to love, explore, EXPERIENCE, and teach. Some of the greatest education is birthed out of experience.

4. Time machine or magic wand?

Time Machine, I’d love to visit moments in the past (without changing them). A wand might take away the challenges of doing things.

5. Emails or conversations?

Conversations, best way to connect with a person and get to know them better.

6. Dogs or cats?

Both, they are both amazing and both have completely different personalities.

7. Test the waters or dive in the deep end?

Dive in the deep end. Haha, this has gotten me into trouble in the past! But when in doubt, punch it!

8. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

Neither, don’t like peanut butter… I know, send your hate mail in. LOL!!

9. Funny story or one-liner?

Funny Stories, everyone has an experience that they can share and It’ll make you laugh.

10. Vacation or staycation?

Vacation, I need to see more of this world.

11. Passenger or driver?

Driver, very few people will drive me around. Haha, not even my wife!

12. Singing or dancing?

Dancing, get the body moving.

13. Cooking or being cooked for?

Cooking, I love food and all that goes into it.

14. Board games or video games?

Depends on the company - Getting together with friends, board games, If I’m having some man-cave time, video games.

15. Watch sports or play sports?

Playing and watching Golf, that's a sport I love.

...That's a FACT JACK!

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