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since 1971

Factor Forms and Labels began manufacturing business forms in Edmonton, Alberta in 1971. During the following decades Factor invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to produce the highest quality business forms and labels in our industry. The dedication of being an industry leader fuelled the company’s growth and continues today. Factor Forms now operates multiple production facilities in Canada; distributing our industry leading products nationwide. 


Edmonton, Alberta is the current location of a 45,000 square foot manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility. It is located at 8411 McIntyre Road, Edmonton.  


Portrait of Barney Baker - 2011

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Niagara Falls, Ontario is home to a second 36,000 square foot manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility. It is located in the Stanley Business Park at 8481 Earl Thomas Road, Niagara Falls.

Victoria, British Columbia has our smallest plant at 2,500 square feet. This manufacturing facility is located at 469 John Street, Victoria.

Factor Forms was founded by, Barney Baker, an entrepreneur who graduated with an MBA from Harvard.  Barney began his career at a large firm in Toronto, Ontario, where he was responsible for several large national accounts.

Barney Baker , Edmonton office - 1996

This firm also owned a Business Forms company in Edmonton, Alberta. Barney was appointed the position of new General Manager and sent to Edmonton. He was tasked with the job of turning the company around and making it profitable. After acquiring this experience, he decided to start his own Business Forms company.

On October 9th, 1971, Barney set up shop in a 3rd floor walk-up with 1,400 square feet at 10330 - 104 St., in the old warehouse district of downtown Edmonton.  He bought a twenty year old Timson rubber-plate press.  He then began selling register forms direct and accepted trade work.


Press line, Edmonton - 1989

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In 1973, Factor Forms became exclusively a Trade House. Barney gave away all his hard earned direct work that he had built up over the previous 18 months.  By the end of the year this paid off as Factor had grown with 150 Printers and some Stationers in North Central Alberta.


In 1974, Factor moved to a 5,500 square foot dock level warehouse at 11523 - 120 St., Edmonton.


In 1977, Factor opened its first satellite Sales office in Calgary, Alberta. By the end of 1977 Factor had over 350 Dealers spread over Saskatchewan, Alberta, Eastern B.C., Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

Breaking ground McIntyre Road, Edmonton  - 1988

In 1978, Factor moved it’s office into a 12,000 square foot facility at 7707 Coronet Road. This new building came complete with a much larger press floor, its own warehouse, art department, shipping department and of course a sales department with the much needed space for several sales reps. This new facility allowed Factor to purchase more presses and collators and also allowed new product lines to be developed.


In 1980, Factor opened its next Sales Office in Vancouver, B.C. By the end of 1980 Factor had over 600 dealers.


In 1984, Factor expanded the Edmonton Plant to include over 25,000 square feet of space.


"A Veritable Symphony of Business Forms" Open House, Edmonton - 1988


In 1985, Factor opened a Sales Office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Factor then had personal service for dealers from Thunder Bay to Victoria.

In 1988, Factor opened it’s doors to a brand new 42,000 square foot custom built building at 8411 McIntyre Road, Edmonton. By the end of 1988 Factor had over 1,300 dealers located from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Victoria, B.C. To celebrate our new home, Factor hosted over 1,000 Dealer/Visitors who attended “A Veritable Symphony of Business Forms” event that included an Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performance.

Greg Drechsler - 1990

In 1994, Factor Forms Niagara opened.  It invaded the East with a 16,000 square foot Plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They began business with 14”, 17” and 22” capability, Snapset, Continuous and Register forms and a staff of 15 very motivated people!

In 1997, the size of the Niagara Fall plant doubled to 32,000 square feet with 6 web presses, 55 employees and some 1,500 Dealers in the East.


In 2009, Factor purchased Accountamatic Business Forms in Victoria along with 6,000 square feet of more space and 8 employees.  


Factor Forms and Labels West Building, Edmonton - 1996


Factor Forms and Labels is now the largest Trade Business Forms and Label company in Canada. Our motto has always been: 

“Always your Partner, never your Competitor.”

Over the years we have always offered the highest quality products and specialized in quick delivery of short run Business Forms and Labels.  Our state of the art facilities provide our customers with all the flexibility and convenience that technology has to offer. We have always been a company that prides itself on developing long-term relationships with our Dealers and Suppliers.

Factor Forms and Labels East Building, Niagara Falls - 2018


Management Team; Bryn Dergousoff - President, Jennifer Blyth - General Manager & Dave Blyth - Production Manager  - 2023

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