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Mailing Options

Neighbourhood Mail

This mail is non-addressed and can connect you to every home in specific neighbourhoods or regions anywhere across Canada.

It allows you to define your targets, so your message gets directed to a single postal code route, or you can refine it even further to reach specific address types or businesses.

Addressed Mail

This type of mail targets an address and/or individual.

Packaging Options

Poly Bag

Poly bagging is a quick and economical way to group multiple items into a single mailing vs. mailing separately. The clear bag allows you to see the contents and comes with a flysheet for addressing. The poly bag size will adjust to the contents so there is more flexibility.

Mailer Bag (green backg)_edited.jpg

Market your products, services, company, or a special offer by delivering mail directly to an existing or prospective customer. By utilizing the mailing services at Canada Post we now offer two very effective mailing options.

We offer a wide variety of unique printed marketing products that you can utilize to help elevate the customer experience.


A more common packaging option for mailing is the envelope.

Marketing Products

Enhance your sales and improve product awareness with multiple print products. Here are just a few ideas that will keep your brand top of mind.



Personalized Greeting Cards


Contact us today to start planning your print and mailing campaign today!

*Must be a combined print and mailing services order.
*Print product cannot be supplied.

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