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"Thank you for the fast turnaround on the stickers. They were perfect and the customer also liked them. We will be in touch for such business."


Sign Shop Owner

"I had a look at the website this morning and accessed several of the individual areas for additional information and must say, staff did an excellent job in answering any questions that may surface from a customers side of the visit. Videos are helpful and informative as they can walk you through the various processes. Job well done!"


Print Shop Owner

"Judi and her team at the BC Branch of Factor Forms are amazing! They are always willing to work to make our lives as easy and convenient as possible. The turnaround time on quotes is extremely quick, as well as they are always willing to give advice on selecting the proper medias for specific applications. Factor Forms has perfected what it means to be a trade supplier. They have thought out all the details on how to make the end user feel like they are dealing with the retailer directly and have made this very easy for the retailer. I would highly recommend them."


Print VP Operations

"We have had the pleasure of working with Factor Forms for 12 years and have always had excellent service. Their entire team is very helpful, prices are competitive and the quality of their products are superb. They offer many resources customized for their customers to utilize both in print form and on-line."


Print Shop Owner

"I started using Factor Forms for my decals and forms a couple years ago and will never go back to producing these in house. Their quality is better, they've never got an order wrong and I get quote requests back same day."


Print Sales Rep.

"Factor forms has been essential in providing high quality stickers, labels and cheques to our clients and has given us the opportunity to find other areas to grow our business. Their professionalism and timeliness allows us to continue to deliver top notch products to our clients every day."


Print Shop Owner

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