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Early Bird Calendar Promotion

It's time to order your 2021 CALENDARS!

I'm sure most have you have seen our popular tent calendars that we create for our Dealers every year.

Did you know that we can print these digitally for you and your Customers?

Well, YES we can!

If you order one of the following styles/sizes of calendars by

August 31, 2020, you will get 15% off.

All you have to do is supply artwork and we will print and finish it for you.


1. Tent Calendar

Same size and layout as our Factor Forms tent calendar with coil at the top.

7.5" x 6.25" (tent stand size)

7.5" x 5.5" (calendar page size)

2. Standard Wall Calendar

11" x 17" (folded down to 8.5" x 11"), saddle stitched wall calendar.

3. Mini Wall Calendar

Same as standard wall calendar, but smaller.

8.5" x 11" (folded down to 8.5" x 5.5"), saddle stitched wall calendar.

We have 3 pre-made templates in the above sizes for the bottom half (month) portion of the calendar that you can use to begin designing your masterpiece. Give us a call and we will send it your way.


Get a jump start on the competition by promoting 2021 Calendars to your Customers today!

Your Sales Rep will be happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

Call us for a quote.

... That's a FACT JACK!



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