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Factor SLIMS down

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Factor Forms and Labels Health and Safety Committee issued a challenge to all staff in the West and it was accepted. In fact, the mission was annihilated!

22 employees entered our MISSION slimPOSSIBLE competition that ran from March 4th - June 27th. During the 4 months, each competitor chose their own way of implementing healthy eating and physical fitness into their daily routine.

The GOAL: Achieve the greatest percentage weight loss to ultimately live a longer, healthier life.

Guest speaker, Natasha Osmond, was invited to several "Lunch and Learns" throughout the challenge to educate attendees on diet related topics including; "How to Relieve Stress with Healthy Foods", "The Right Foods to Eat to Mitigate the 3:00 pm Slump ", "What Foods to Eat For Healthy Weight Loss" and "Healthy Eating on a Budget". Her insight was a valuable component to our success.

Many employees were seen going for brisk walks during lunch breaks, water bottles were continuously being refilled throughout the day, some started using the ParticipACTION APP, a few joined gyms, some tried intermittent fasting or Keto diets, many became meal prep experts, and some just cut out pop, potato chips and sweets to slim down.

Plenty of motivation was provided by our Health and Safety committee. Monetary prizes were awarded for each weight loss percentage goal reached at monthly weigh-ins. The grand prize winner walked away with a $500 prize.


22 employees accepted the challenge

8 people reached 3% weight loss goal

4 people reached 6% weight loss goal

1 person reached 9% weight loss goal

5 people reached and surpassed 12% weight loss goal

Total weight loss for 22 participants combined: 308.4 pounds


Grand Prize Winner: Kali

She lost an AMAZING 17% of her body weight. Way to go Kali!

Kali - 17% percent weight loss



She lost an AMAZING 16% of her body weight. Excellent job Stephanie!



He lost an AMAZING 13.4% of his body weight and 9 inches off his tummy. You rock Perry!


Participants were rewarded with a BBQ lunch to celebrate the last weigh in.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by ALL!


Congratulations to everyone who took part in the challenge. Your hard work has paid off!


... That's a FACT JACK!



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