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Instant IMPACT

Advertise your business or your client's business with the Post-it Note Mailer!

Easily transform our 20lb bond, letter sized stock with a pre-attached post-it note into a creative advertising piece that is personal and memorable.

Post-it Note Mailer stock before printing.

Send us your artwork or utilize our Graphic Design Services to create an eye-catching marketing piece that connects with your clients and promotes your brand. Then take it a step further by supplying a list of names for us to variably print on the post-it note. Greeting your clients with their first name adds a personal touch, attracts attention and peaks their interest, making them want to explore what you have to offer.

Another highly effective option is to print the name and contact information of someone from your own business that you want your clients to reach out to on the post-it note. When your clients receive the mailer, they can then remove the post-it note and stick it on their desk as a physical reminder to call you.

Printed Post-it Note Mailer

After your Post-it Mailers has been printed, we can help you get them into the hands of current and/or prospective clients with our new Print & Mailing Service. YOU can sit back, relax and reap the benefits of this unique advertising campaign!

Where do you begin?

There are many industries that could benefit from advertising with this product. Start by offering this product to your current clients and then you can begin approaching potential clients from the list below. What are you waiting for?

Automotive Sales (Fred Jones, I heard you want to buy a new car.)

Realtors (Looking for a new home, call Joe!)

Restaurants (add a menu to the body of the mailer and a coupon on the post-it note)

Wineries (Susan, come check out our impressive wine selection!)

Salons (Add a stylist's contact name and phone number to the post-it note)

Healthcare (physiotherapists, massage)

Fitness/Gyms (Book a personal trainer today 780-123-4567)

Contact your Sales Rep to get started today!

... That's a FACT JACK!



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