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LABEL STOCK - we have it all

When it comes to stock for labels, there are so many choices that it may seem a bit overwhelming. Once again, we can guide you through this with ease!

If you are near the Edmonton office, feel free to stop by to check out our Label display in the front entrance and take a sample to test on a particular surface. Even if you are not nearby, we have samples that you can request anytime.

Our expert, Sticky Stu, has some information below about the many varieties of LABEL STOCK.

...That's a FACT JACK!


"How do I know what STOCK to use? I'm no label expert."

You may not be a label expert, but we have the knowledge you need and are always here to help.

All you need to provide us, is how the label is being used and what it is being applied to.

Indoors, outdoors, restaurants, foods, beverages, construction, automotive, safety, security, cosmetics ...... the list of label uses never ends.

No worries, we've got you covered. We have gloss, matte, poly, clear, fluorescents, silvers and a variety of specialty stocks. We also carry top quality laminates which can help protect your labels from harsh conditions, scratching and more. Want a matte finish? We have matte laminate. Want tamper resistant? Got that too. Want to hide old information? Yep, got it. Need a clear label for your store front window? Yes, we have it all!

Ask us for help with stock selection and we will give you the answer.

-Sticky Stu



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