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Nice to meet ya

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

It's time to get to know the newest member of the Sales Support Team!

Kevin De Orla started working as an Order Writer in October, 2019 and has fit right into the unique culture here in Edmonton. He has completed all of the necessary training, figured out the many personality types in the Sales Department and is now prepared to write up all of your orders with confidence.

It has been a pleasure getting to know this easy going newbie over the past few months and now it's your turn to learn more about him.

Q & A with Kevin

1. What is the best part about working at Factor Forms and Labels?

The best part about working here is the fact that I can wake up every morning and never feel a sense of dread going to my job. I enjoy it very much; I look forward to coming in and seeing all of the friendly faces and helpful staff, it makes the days way more fun and go by way faster.

2. What types of jobs have you done previously?

Previous to working at Factor Forms and Labels, I was in a managerial position for three years at a vehicle debt collections firm. I also have almost a decade of experience in retail/customer service.

3. If you won a million dollars, what is the first item you would purchase?

I would book a spontaneous year-long backpacking tour all across Europe and East Africa; starting in Portugal and ending in Tanzania.

4. What are your hobbies outside of work?

Road tripping through the Rockies, board games, arguing about sports and American politics, writing, and doing a wonderful job at painting things terribly.

5. Any pet peeves?

I get super upset if I'm late for anything, punctuality is really important to me.

6. Favourite restaurant?

Tokiwa Ramen!

7. What is the most interesting thing about you?

Despite having a congenital spinal defect, I have managed to climb a mountain. I plan on climbing many more in the future.

8. Favourite sports teams?

I am a lifelong fan of the Toronto Raptors and, unfortunate as it may be at times, the Montreal Canadiens.

9. Name the last Netflix series you watched and rate it out of 10.

I last watched Jeopardy on Netflix. This one is obviously a 10/10, how can you not love Jeopardy?

10.  If you were stranded on an island, what three items would you have to have with you?

a. A fire starter, because otherwise my chances of survival would go from horrible to impossible.

b. Seeds for cultivating hardy vegetables like carrots or broccoli.

c. A book on horticulture, because I realize I know nothing about cultivating vegetables.

... That's a FACT JACK!



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