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What is "TRADE ONLY"?

Whenever Factor Forms and Labels is mentioned, the words TRADE ONLY usually follow in the next sentence. What exactly does this mean and how does it apply to YOU?

TRADE - the activity of buying and selling goods and services

TRADE ONLY means Factor Forms and Labels NEVER sells to the general public.

In essence, we provide our Dealers with wholesale goods and services so that they are able to sell them at the price they decide. When your company signs up as one of our Dealers, we work hand in hand with you to provide your clients with the printed products that they need. You benefit by getting these products and services at an economical cost and this helps build your business.

We are ALWAYS YOUR PARTNER, NEVER YOUR COMPETITOR. We continually build a close relationship with you and do not deal with your clients. There is no competing for business with us. We are here to make you look good!

Maybe you don't have the equipment to print a certain product that your client needs, maybe it is summer holidays and you are short staffed, maybe you are a one man business that wants to sell printed products without doing the printing yourself, or maybe you just like having a trustworthy, dependable partner that gets the job done. These are just some of the benefits of working with us.

Factor Forms and Labels is proud to be the largest TRADE ONLY printer in Western Canada. Our many years of experience are evident in our quality and service. We stand behind our products 100%.

It is always a pleasure working with you!

...That's a FACT JACK!



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