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What's the Application?

You don't have to be an expert to sell labels. We are here to answer all of your questions and make Label sales a breeze. Sticky Stu is back with the next LABELPALOOZA installment that will shed some light on adhesives.

...That's a FACT JACK!


"How do I know what ADHESIVE to use? I'm no label expert."

That may be true, but we have the knowledge you need. In the label world, everything revolves around the application of the label. What is the label being placed on? A window, a plastic bottle, a smooth surface, a pebbly surface?

We use a general rubber based or acrylic adhesive. With the correct application information we can pin point the best adhesive for you - removable or permanent.

We carry numerous stocks and adhesives for all your needs. Adhesives have different temperature ranges and are good for applying at temperatures as low as -28c, while others require +10c for good adherence. Some labels have extra adhesive for rough surfaces and some work best on ultra smooth surfaces like glass. HSE (high surface energy) can be on items like metal, glass or ceramics. LSE (low surface energy) can be on plastics, wood or porous surfaces. We also have special adhesives for freezer applications and one adhesive that even dissolves in dishwashers.

All you need to do is provide us with the answers to the following questions and we will take it from there!

1. Is it applied outdoors or indoors?

2. How long should it last?

3. Should it be permanent, removable or ultra removable?

4. What is it being applied to?

Tell us your application and we will provide you with the best label adhesive for the best results!

- Sticky Stu



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