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2019... Bring it on!

As I look back on the past year, there have been many exciting events that come to mind. We welcomed Bryn Dergousoff (V.P.) to the Factor family, we improved both of our websites to make things more efficient for you, we expanded our printing capabilities to print 5 spot colours and last, but not least, introduced this fantastic BLOG!

A new year has arrived and with it brings many reasons to celebrate!

We are always a step ahead with innovative ideas to help you grow your business. This year is no exception. You can look forward to our expanding Digital product line, the 10 year Anniversary of Factor producing Labels, and the opportunity to continue a loyal partnership. Join us for another successful year. Bring it on!

... That's a FACT Jack!


What's your New Year's Resolution?

"Turn off the TV one hour before bed."

- Bryn (Vice President)

"De-stress my life and not sweat the small stuff."

- Darlene C. (Sales Rep.)

"To print even more labels in 2019 than 2018!"

- Luke (Digital Supervisor)

"Travel more!"

- Chemaine (Production Assistant)




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