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Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I am Luke, the Digital Supervisor here at Factor Forms & Labels.
Luke Murray

I have been at Factor Forms & Labels for 16 years this year and what a ride it’s been. I started in the Sales Department in 2007 and worked there for a year getting my feet wet learning about web printing and forms manufacturing. After my first year, I moved into the Prepress Supervisor role and then into the Label Supervisor position. I worked in the Label Department for almost 10 years and saw it grow from no orders to almost 50 orders a day! The management team offered me a chance to really go after digital work about 4 years ago and I am now the Digital Supervisor. We are hoping to break previous digital records this year and so far it is looking great! It's been a lot of fun wearing different hats over the years and being involved in the new product lines. I love digital art and could talk about different printing products all day! Some would call me a print nerd and that’s fine with me.

Away from work I love food, art, and music. Not necessarily in that order. In the summer time I garden and try to get out to camp or have a few cookouts in the parks nearby. I’m also hoping for my home team, the Elks, to win a home game this season. Fingers crossed!

"Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything." - George Bernard Shaw

- Luke



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