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Creative Advertising with our new ACTIVITY BOOK!

Typically the words "I'm bored", are uttered when children are accompanying you and are forced to WAIT at businesses such as:



Doctor's Offices


Real Estate Offices

Automotive Shops

Nail Technicians



Car Dealerships

...and the list goes on and on!

Factor Forms and Labels is here to save the day and at the same time, create a business growing opportunity for our Dealers.



We have designed a fun-filled ACTIVITY BOOK for you to sell to your Customers. It has a dual purpose. It will advertise the Company that purchases them for their business, plus keep those children who use them occupied and happy while waiting. Sounds like a win, win to me!

These attention grabbing, saddle stitched, digital booklets have full colour covers that enclose black and white activity pages with mazes, tic tac toe, connect the dots, word search, colouring and more!

Each booklet has an area on the back cover that can be customized by adding a company logo and/or contact information for advertising purposes.

Boost your business and promote sanity!

Call your Sales Rep for more information about our ACTIVITY BOOK today.

..."That's a FACT JACK!"



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