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Introducing... BERTHA

Welcome to the family!

Most of you know that here at Factor Forms and Labels West, we like to name our equipment. We have the Fox, the Hound, Benny, the Jet and now have named our newest addition BERTHA. She is bright, brilliant and beneficial!



What is Bertha?

Our newest piece of equipment is a 13" wide ink jet system that is made by Inkjet Solutions in the UK. Sanden Machine, based in Ontario, retrofitted our traditional Sanden model 831 forms press to run the ink jet system in line with the press.

What can Bertha do?

Factor Forms and Labels purchased this system so that we can offer our Customers consecutive bar coding on traditional Multipart and Continuous forms. There are many possibilities we can eventually adapt to our traditional printing with this new technology. These include; variable data, jumbo numbers and even printing forms on the print head itself. For now, the system we have is black only.

How does Bertha work?

It works exactly like our label printers. Ink is drawn from the ink container and dispensed through ink jet heads that produce small droplets of ink through thousands of tiny holes in the print head electronically. It is all controlled by a computer that tells the head where and when to dispense the droplets.

What are the advantages of this new technology?

There are many advantages when it comes to short run forms. It will aid in the reduction of waste as the print is instant and does not require any manual adjustments to achieve ink density and quality by the Press Operator.

What is the most exciting feature of Bertha?

The technology itself is new and very exciting, because this is the future of print!

Can we expect to see any other new technology introduced soon?

We are very excited to see where this new technology goes. There is always a possibility of us adding a CMYK print head in the future.

With Factor Forms and Labels the possibilities are endless.


Send us your barcode orders today!

... That's a FACT JACK!



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