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Tired of your kids losing their toques and mittens? Tell me about it!

Introducing a label sheet package that is affordable, versatile and fun. Now you can keep track of what is yours and also stay safe by labeling all of your personal items.

This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your business with a new product for those of you who have clients associated with schools, daycares, retirement homes, sporting teams, offices, gift shops, etc.

The 4 labels sheets in each package contain 266 various sized labels so they can fit on anything!

Stick the circle labels inside your shoes, add labels to the tags inside your clothing, place them on every pen on your desk and even attach one to your water bottle. The sky is the limit!

Just choose your design and we add your name to the template. You also have the option of supplying your own custom artwork if you want something totally unique.

Start labeling your stuff today!

... That's a FACT JACK!



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