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Let me introduce myself...

Hello! I am Katia, the Marketing Graphic Designer here at Factor Forms & Labels.

Katia Flores

I’ve been with Factor Forms for 18 years but my career journey began back in Lima-Peru.That is where I completed a Bachelor’s program in Advertising and Communications and studied all the different processes involved in the Marketing mix, however I was always attracted by the more creative (“hands on”) aspects of the field. By 2005, I was living in Edmonton and joined the pre-press team at Factor Forms& Labels. This was my first job ever in Canada and I couldn’t have landed at a better place! From the start, I was captivated by the fun and friendly atmosphere in my department and made wonderful friends. In school I did a lot of reading and research, but I didn’t posses many of the technical skills that were required in pre-press. Fortunately I was a quick learner and had amazing, talented co-workers who taught me a great deal.

In 2007, I moved to British Columbia and continued working in pre-press at the Vancouver office. Shortly after, I joined the Marketing team and eventually became the full time Graphic Designer.

Tony and Katia in Peru

Katia Flamenco Dancing

Outside of work I dedicate most of my free time to one of my biggest passions: Flamenco Dance. When possible, I travel to Spain for dance training and in Vancouver I teach classes and am a member of Flamenco Rosario’s Dance Company. My husband, Tony, usually joins me by the end of my trips to Spain so we can travel together to neighbouring Portugal and visit his side of the family. We consider ourselves lucky to have many homes to visit in different parts of the world.

- Katia



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