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Let me introduce myself...

Hello! I am Dara Lee, a Sales Representative here at Factor Forms & Labels.

Dara Lee

I’ve been at Factor Forms & Labels off and on since July, 2007. I started in the Prepress Department and have had positions in Order Writing, Quality Control, and now Sales. I feel that having dipped my toe into several different areas gives me a unique perspective for the Sales position, as I have a good understanding of how the dockets move through the building.

I graduated from MacEwan University (formerly Grant MacEwan Community College) in 1996, with a Visual Communication diploma and went to work in newspaper right away. Transitioning to the business forms sector in 1999, I discovered my passion for this field. Among all the roles I've held, sales is where my heart truly lies. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with our Dealers, building relationships, and assisting them in expanding their businesses. While technology has reshaped our industry, the enduring constant for me has been the people, and that's what I value the most.

Dara Lee and her family

I’ve been married to my husband James for over 20 years, and as he says, “every day is a blessing”. Our family includes three wonderful boys and an amazing daughter-in-law, all of whom I could talk about endlessly. I am an avid sewer and when I’m not actively sewing, I’m probably thinking about it. I love putting together patterns and colours to create beautiful pieces. I love everything fashion, especially shoes. During my spare moments, I enjoy reading, puzzles, and cozy snuggles on the sofa with my dogs and cat.

Dara Lee Paul



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