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Let me introduce myself...

Hey! I am Angie, one of the sales reps here at Factor Forms & Labels.

Angeliza Vargas

I started working here as a Sales Rep in 2018. My favourite part about my job is the team that I am lucky enough to work with every single day. Everyone is so supportive and fun to be around. I am a talker, so I also really love getting to know my Dealers and actually meeting them in person. I hope to be able to get back to that part of my job very soon :)

When I am not working, I enjoy being outside. Most of my weekends are spent camping and hiking with my dogs (Meeko and Philly). During the winter I love skiing in the mountains. My happy place is at Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Alberta because I used to always visit there with my mom. I am always on the move and thrive on the adventure that comes with travel. I want to go EVERYWHERE, see EVERYTHING and try ALL of the FOOD! The next place I want to visit is Japan. My first stop would most likely be Tokyo Disney Sea and after experiencing that I would then hop on over to my motherland - the Philippines.

Angie and her BOYS.

A couple interesting facts about me is that I am an Advanced Junior competitor in dog agility and have competed in the Edmonton/Calgary areas in 2019. My dogs are my BABIES and everyone who knows me figures that out fast! I am also a huge Disney movie and ANIME fan. You can catch me watching Totoro, Spirited Away, Sailor Moon, Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan - just to name a few. I have watched hundreds!

I look forward to working with you this year. Stay safe.

- Angie Vargas