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Let me introduce myself...

Hello! I am Kristen, one of the sales reps at Factor Forms & Labels. I work out of the Winnipeg branch.

Kristen Neilson

Although this is my 17th year working here, I have been employed in the print industry for over 35 years. The crazy thing is that, like a lot of people in this industry, I just randomly fell into it. After college I was working for a community newspaper and decided to leave so I could find a job that utilized my sales training. As it happened, there weren't many jobs that fit my criteria, so I started expanding my search. I applied for an office job with a small print broker and luckily for me, my employer decided I was not a great fit for office work, but instead created a sales position for me.

I began my print training and at the start I apparently did not know my colours. My trainer placed two pieces of paper in front of me and asked what colour they were. It was obvious to me that they were yellow, but I was quickly informed that they were goldenrod and canary. Thus began my journey in this ever changing industry.

I have lived in Winnipeg for about 40 years now, but am originally from Northwestern Ontario. I was raised on a small beef farm. If need be, I could still drive a tractor, help deliver a calf or pick wild berries. In my teen years I was fortunate to work in tourist camps at beautiful Lake of the Woods.

Due to my upbringing, I prefer to be outside as much as possible. In the summertime I love to putter in my garden. I also enjoy reading and do the crossword puzzle every morning - in pen! Pre-Covid, I would watch the odd Goldeyes baseball game, travel to Assiniboia Downs for an evening of $2 bets, or just visit with the lovely people I call my friends.

I am a very proud parent of four great kids and four amazing grand-kids who own my heart completely. The very greatest joy in my life is seeing them find their path and feeling that I may have played a small part in who they have become. I can't wait for Covid to clear up, so I can visit them in Calgary and New Zealand.

Kristen enjoying the outdoors with her daughter and grand-dog in Banff, Alberta.

I recognize that I am a very fortunate person because I honestly enjoy coming to work every day. I am proud to represent this company and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. We really do have a fabulous team. And let me tell you about our Dealers! I have gotten to know some wonderful Dealers over the years and it is very rewarding to assist them in creating a great outcome for their clients. Sometimes when things get overwhelmingly busy, I remind myself that I am never bored and that's a great thing!

- Kristen



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