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Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I am Brian, one of the sales-reps here at Factor Forms & Labels.

Brian Bentt

So, it's my turn for the big Blog post!

I have been working at Factor Forms & Labels for just over nine years now. Most of that time has been in the Sales department with a short stint helping with launching our Digital product line.

When I was young and full of dreams, I wanted to become a Graphic Designer. After attending design school I began my career as a sales person in the newspaper industry. After several years of experience, I became a newspaper publisher and worked for many different papers all across Alberta. As that industry began to decline, I found myself out of a job after 23 years in the business. I worked at a few other jobs and then eventually found my way to Factor (thanks Jenn). My favourite part of being a sales person at Factor Forms is dealing with all of my clients, because they are the BEST!

In my spare time I like to stay active. I really enjoy biking, camping, slow pitch and golf. I coach alpine skiing at Rabbit Hill in the winter and love waterskiing in the summer. Being on a mountain or a Lake is my happy place. I just love the fresh air and peacefulness.

An interesting fact about me is that I have been President of two different Chambers of Commerce - one in Sherwood Park and the other in Hinton. This experience was amazing and has enabled me to meet so many lifelong friends, all over Alberta.

I would love to travel more, but having raised three sons there was not much of a budget for big trips. My bucket list for future travel is to go on a Safari in Africa and I would also love to visit Greece, because there is so much history there.

Wally (Brian's Dad) - Brian - Blake, Blaine & Kurt (Brian's Sons)

“Big Trouble in Little China” is my favourite movie. In fact, my youngest son is named after Kurt Russell. I love to quote lines from that movie as well as the movie “Grease.”

“Everybody relax, I’m here.” (Jack Burton)

- Brian



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