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Looking for a fun way to dress up a gift?

BOTTLE HANGERS - a surprisingly simple way to advertise your business or just say, "thanks!".

There are many ways that bottle hangers can be used. You can rest assured that they will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Here are some suggestions:

Add one to a bottle of wine that you give to a hostess at the next party you attend and you will become an instant star.

Realtors - put one on the neck of a bottle of champagne when you congratulate a client on the purchase of a new home.

Advertise the details of the vineyard your wine is made at so customers become familiar with your brand so you stand out from the rest.

Celebrate a special anniversary or birthday by placing custom bottle hangers on the bottles at each table.

Create a bottle hanger for a wedding reception with a photograph of the special couple on it as a keepsake.

Bottle hanger size: 3.5" x 8.5"

Begin designing your bottle hangers today!

... That's a FACT JACK!"



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