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No glory, but plenty of GUTS!

Within our Support Team are the hidden gems of this company.

Reception, Customer Support, Order Writing and Proofing Support are made up of employees who continually pool their knowledge, experience and talents together so that YOU constantly receive the amazing products and service that you deserve. Without them, we would be lost!

The first stage in placing an order is the phone call to our wonderful Receptionist, Erika. If you are lucky enough to visit our office in Edmonton, you will meet our Greeter extraordinaire, Darlene. They are both excellent at directing traffic and do it with cheery dispositions.

On average, Factor Forms and Labels West puts 225 dockets through the building each day. The moment you place an order it moves on to an Order Writer who translates the quote into an actual docket with all the detailed information required for your order to be produced. This job requires knowledge, accuracy and lots of patience!

The order then moves to the Proofing Support team who use their graphic design skills to set the art, proof and then direct the job to the correct printing equipment once it is approved. All this while answering Dealer questions, replying to a constant flow of emailed proof returns and making revisions to artwork. Can you say "multitask"?

The Customer Support team wears many different hats and must know about EVERY aspect of the business. They field several phone calls, answer questions and problem solve throughout the entire day. When the phones start ringing, I often wonder how they keep up! Isn't it always nice to call in and speak with friendly, competent individuals and have the confidence that THEY can help you out?

Kudos go out to the MANY behind the scenes faces who work together with our talented Sales team.

It's YOUR turn to bask in the glory Support Team!

... That's a FACT JACK!


Our Support Team

(Top Left to Right)

Rodney (Proofing Support/3rd year at Factor), Perry (Customer Support/30th year at Factor),

DJ (Customer Support/36th year at Factor), Rose (Branch Support/22nd year at Factor),

Rosemarie (Order Writer/13th year at Factor), Ashley (Order Writer/1st year at Factor),

Tara (Order Writer/13th year at Factor), Stephanie (Proofing Support/3rd year at Factor),

Kali (Order Writer/1st year at Factor), Cathy (Order Writer/Customer Support/16th year at Factor), Elaine (Order Writer/26th year at Factor), Taras (Proofing Support/18th year at Factor),

Darlene K. (Greeter/Accounts Payable 11th year at Factor), Erika (Receptionist/5th year at Factor).




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