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In order to produce your job in the most efficient way possible, we follow a process. Each order that you place has a docket and we are super diligent in wanding each barcoded docket as it moves from one step to the next throughout our building. Our Dick Tracey software system allows us to locate your job in seconds, giving instant response to your enquiries. Given the number of jobs we produce daily, this is a very important tool to have. YOU TOO have the option of tracking your orders on our web portal!

When you sign up to our online ordering/web portal, you are able to place your repeat orders and get fast quotes whenever you like. This system also gives you access to Bloodhound and Dick Tracey. These tracking tools allow you to search order history, view previous and current quotes and confirmations, verify job details instantly, view the status of an order and link to Purolator online tracking to track your shipment.

The list below shows the stages that your order is produced and your responsibilities at certain parts of the process. With the help of our web portal, you can access this information from your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

1. A quote number is assigned and your order is entered.

2. An order writer writes up the docket with information from the previous order.

3. The docket confirmation is emailed to you. (This is for you to look over and confirm that all specs are correct. No need to reply unless something is incorrect.) - Pricing may vary.

4. The job is composed.

5. If a proof is requested, it is important to reply back to the proof sender in order to stay on track with the scheduled ship date.

6. Your job is produced in date order.

7. The job is shipped.

8. A packing slip is sent.

Do you want to make your job easier and more convenient?

Click here to sign up to our online ordering/web portal.

Once you have access, click here to watch a quick video tutorial on how to track your dockets.

It's that easy!

We look forward to producing work for you and are always committed to providing excellent service.

... That's a FACT JACK!



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